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Utility Dump Wagons For Lawn and Garden

Model 6300 one ton lawn wagon Model 7300 Lawn Wagon Model 8300 Utility Wagon

Model 6300 Series

2000 lb capacity

Model 7300 Series

2000 lb capacity

Model 8300 Series

4000 lb capacity

Our lawn and garden wagons and trailers that are designed to accept the model 3010 hand-operated dump system are designed for a 45 degree maximum dump angle. The lawn tractors that these wagons and trailers are designed for lack the weight to operate safely at any higher dump angle. 2,000-2,500 pounds 7 ft in the air can tip easily on uneven ground. Most real world applications of these wagons and trailers are: firewood, brush, mulch, tools, garden & yard debris, and heavier per cubic foot items such as stone and soil and work very well for these applications. However, if your main use for a dumping wagon or trailer is going to be large loads of sand, gravel, or soil, we might suggest our 2 ton units with a tractor-operated hydraulic cylinder like the Model 8300 shown at the bottom of the page.

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